Day 1 in the studio to start tracking our album. This is the first studio album that we’ve done as a band (previously we’ve recorded two live albums), so it’s exciting to be doing something different this time. Although I love the atmosphere and passion that you get from live worship albums, they can sometimes be a bit stifling when it comes to musicality and creativity. Being in the studio gives you the freedom to play around a bit more with the music and the songs. Having said that, tracking 11 songs in two weeks means that you need to stick to a tight tracking schedule.

Today was drums, and we had Chris into track 4 songs: ABANDON, MORE OF YOU LESS OF ME, WE ARE CHAMPIONS, & COME. I’m loving the variation that we have on this album. There are some great driving upbeat songs, some poppy catchy songs, some darker intimate songs, and some indie folk songs. A great mix, but hopefully it will all come together nicely to form a cohesive set.

It’s also great working with Darran Muller (Muller Creative) again. We worked with him previously on the new version of ‘From Ashes To Beauty’ for the Worship Central Lifting High album. He’s a great guy to work with and has a ton of experience both playing in bands and recording bands.

A great start today. Spirits are high and the morale is good – let’s hope it stays this way throughout. I’ll be blogging daily on our progress so check back often.

– Tom