Day 2 in the studio – still working on drums. Today Edgar came in to track 5 songs: OUR GOD REIGNS, HOPE STANDS STRONG, RELENTLESS GRACE, TO BE NEAR YOU, NEVER BACK DOWN.

If you have never met Edgar before, let me do a little introduction. Edgar, otherwise known as ‘Egay’ (pronounced “eh-guy”) is from The Philippines and has just finished a 5 year stint as a professional percussionist at Hong Kong Disneyland. He wanted to be Mickey but that position was already taken, so he ended up playing drums everyday to thousands of mainland tourists who have most likely never seen a djembe before, or a man with massive dreadlocks… and definitely not a man with massive dreadlocks playing the djembe!

Anyway, Edgar has been with the band for about a year and a half, and it’s awesome having him play drums on the record. He’s a machine, and he tracked his five songs in about 5 hours which is pretty good, especially for someone who’s never played in the studio before! Darran worked him pretty hard today, which we are loving as he is pushing us all to be better musicians. Over dinner Darran gave us all a verbal lesson in drumming… which was probably fascinating for the other 3 drummers at the table, but made no sense to me at all. I’ve tried to play drums but my feet and hands are linked and will only do one thing at a time (If you only needed your hands to play drums I’d be amazing!!).

Day 2 done and dusted. Drums are almost finished – just one more track tomorrow and then we move on to bass and electric guitar tracking.

– Tom