Day 5 in the studio – I’m starting to get cabin fever… 15 hours a day in the same room will do that to you! Today we tracked mostly guitars including acoustic, bass, and electric. I did some acoustic guitar parts in the morning on COME, SING WITH THE ANGELS, RELENTLESS GRACE. I think people might be quite surprised when they hear this album as some of the songs are quite different to anything we’ve done before.

Silas Lee and Joshua Wong both came in to track their parts. Joshua was playing keys on a song he’s written called ABANDON. Great track, but unfortunately he couldn’t remember all the chords, or exactly how to play it… that seems to happen quite a bit with songwriters and their own songs!

Did I mention that this studio we are in has one of the nicest toilets I’ve ever been in? Seriously, it has a full on shower and everything… with mirrors!! I’ll take a photo tomorrow and show you. I think I’m going to have to take a shower here just for the experience.. no photos of that though!

– Tom