Day 9 in the studio – days and nights are blurring into one. So much has happened in the last 9 days that it’s getting hard to remember what happened on which day. Alison came into the studio today to record vocals on COME, DRAW NEAR, and SING WITH THE ANGELS.

Doing vocals is pretty fun, but pretty scary too. The microphones in the studio are insanely expensive, and they pick up everything. Every single little wrong note or slightly pitchy part is magnified and blasted out for everyone to hear. It can be pretty intimidating when there is a control room full of people listening to you sing. The flip side is that the microphones and compressors also make your voice sound amazing.

We’ve been working on a song called COME that was written by Trevor Siu who is one of the youth in our church. We’ve come up with a very crazy vocal part in the middle of song. It’s difficult to explain, but it’s got a bit of an Imogen Heap feel to it. Again, it’s great to be able to do stuff that you could never do live. It allows so much more creativity.

Darran is trying to convince us to do a re-mix of WE ARE CHAMPIONS and turn it into a dance track. What do you think? Would you like to hear The Vine Band remixed into a club track?