Days 10 and 11 in the studio – we are now at the exciting stage of the recording process where most of the music and vocals are done, and we are now applying the finishing touches.

Gideon came back into the studio today to record Glockenspiel on a couple of tracks. This is the first album that we are using the ‘glock’ on, and it sounds very awesome. It’s an instrument that sounds magical at times, and always seems to remind me of Christmas. Gideon is the master when it comes to adding finishing touches to songs.

The next day, we had Helen come in to the studio to record Cello on the track DRAW NEAR. I’ve always thought that cello is probably the most beautiful instrument there is. It has such a haunting sound to it, and I love the richness of the low notes. It was amazing to use a string trio on our last album, and adding string parts can really bring a song alive. Helen did an amazing job with her parts on the song, and it’s going to add another depth to the song and album.

Tomorrow, Andrew will be recording Mandolin on some tracks. It’s been so great to branch out and experiment with different instruments and to try out different sounds for this album. I really feel that we are ‘maturing’ on this album, and I’m so happy with the sounds that we are getting. Maybe I’ll play the ‘nose flute’ on a couple of tracks just to complete the picture!