We are excited to share some major updates with you all. The past 7+ years have been an amazing time for us. Some of the highlights include; recording 3 albums, touring to countries like India, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, and the UK, to lead worship at conferences and churches; sharing the stage with some of our heros and mentors like Delirious, Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, Parachute Band, Steven Curtis Chapman, and many others; hosting the Worship Central conference; and getting to worship alongside and make friends with so many amazing people all over the world. It's been more than we could have ever imagined or dreamed, and God has been so incredibly faithful to us.

In July 2011 our church moved into our new church centre in Wan Chai and we believe we are entering a new season as a church. God is challenging us to do some things differently to how we've done them in the past. In line with this, we also feel that we are entering a new season as a worship ministry.


We believe God is challenging us in 3 main areas for this new season:

  • We need to become a worshipping and praying community
  • We need to build stronger relationships with God and with each other
  • We need to train, grow, and develop as a team


Moving Forward
You will notice that we have changed the name "The Vine Band" from the header of our website and Twitter (Facebook wouldn't let us change the name of our page), and it has been replaced by "The Vine Music". From now onwards, we will no longer be referring to The Vine worship ministry as a "band". The reality is that we are not a band, but rather we are a collective and community of musicians, artists, and worshippers. Instead of focusing on events, conferences, and on-stage ministry, we will be focusing on coming together to worship, pray and create as a collective. We feel that we need to get back to basics, and discover why we do what we do. We need to seek God's heart more for our lives, our team, our church, our city and our world. We need to focus more on what happens in the unseen, rather that what happens in the seen

We still believe that God has called our church to have an impact in the area of worship, so we are not saying that The Vine will never be involved in conferences, events, and albums again, but what we are saying that it is not our focus. Our focus is to be a worshipping community here at The Vine. Whatever comes out of that is up to God, but it's not the main priority

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone who has ever supported, encouraged and believed in us over the years. We consider it to have been the highest privilege to lead people into worship, and we are so excited for the next stage of our journey together. We really don't know what it's going to look like, except that it's not going to look the same as what we've done before.


Watch this space…